From simple registration to complex licensing agreements and infringement litigation, we have all of your Trademark legal needs covered!

We understand that more often than not, a company’s identity is it’s most valuable asset. With that said, we are dedicated to counseling our clients on strategically growing, securing, protecting, defending, and enforcing their valuable trademark assets.

Our services are all-inclusive and comprehensive. We learn our clients’ business landscape and work closely with them in order to better understand their needs, objectives, and goals. Through this, we are able to not only help our clients craft strategies that maximize and protect their portfolio’s, but also identify areas of growth.

Knowledgeable and up-to-date on the ever-changing technological and global landscape, you can sleep soundly knowing that Kerry Law is responsible for your Trademark legal needs.

Our Services

Our trademark services are all-encompassing and we have what it takes to protect and monetize your brand:

  1. Conducting thorough screenings and searches to ascertain the availability of marks in the United States and throughout the world;
  2. Rendering opinions on the registrability and/or use of a mark;
  3. Negotiating and preparing complex assignments, licenses, and other agreements; and
  4. Aggressively pursuing, enforcing, and defending our client’s rights in federal and state courts.

Registering and Maintaining your marks

We will guide you through all stages of the application of your trademark, including ex parte appeals before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and maintaining the resulting registrations through post-registration requirements.

Furthermore, should your business have international aspirations, we are here to facilitate the registration of your marks in jurisdictions outside the United States.

Oppositions & Cancellations

Whether filing an opposition or cancellation in order to protect your mark, or facing an opposition or cancellation from a competitor, we are here to help! Schedule a free consultation and we will walk you through the process and do everything in our power to ensure you prevail.

Trademark Litigation

Discovering that your trademark is being infringed or facing a baseless infringement claim can be a stressful process. We are here to help. Just some of our litigation services include:

  •  trademark and trade dress infringement,
  • unfair competition,
  • false advertising,
  • dilution, 
  • cybersquatting,
  • drafting cease-and-desist letters, or responding to cease-and-desist letters  

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