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Before launching a major ad campaign, you should always contact an attorney to review for potential liability. Companies get into trouble regularly with claims against them ranging from defamation, right of publicly, and misleading, deceiving, or defrauding consumers. 

Ad campaigns can also be major productions and many of the same considerations that apply to film and television production will apply when producing your ad campaign. The advertising industry is one filled with multitude of intermediaries including payment processors, affiliate marketers, endorsers, producers, and product developers, all of whose involvement increases your legal exposure. Contact us before starting anything to ensure proper releases and contracts are in place. 

We keep pace with new developments in the ways advertisers interact with consumers and how those efforts are regulated and understand the risks and potential liability associated with the different types of companies involved in advertising and promotional efforts. Because of this, we are able to counsel clients no matter what industry they’re in. Most importantly, we understand the need to maximize product sales and minimize legal risk, and can do just that. 

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