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Intellectual Property

Comprehensive Services

Thoroughly knowledgeable in how to protect and monopolize your Copyrights and Trademarks, as well how to seek justice against those who improperly use your IP, you can sleep soundly knowing that Kerry Law is responsible for your IP representation.


From simple registration to complex licensing agreements and infringement litigation, we have all of your Copyright legal needs covered!


From simple registration to franchising and infringement litigation, we have all of your Trademark legal needs covered!

Just Some Of Our Services Include

  • Clearing and registering marks worldwide
  • Developing global licensing and branding strategies
  • Enforcing and protecting trademark, copyright, and trade secret claims
  • Securing protection for copyrightable works
  • Handling domain name disputes
  • Reviewing advertising for regulatory compliance and Lanham Act issues
  • Handling IP licensing and other transactional matters

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