Intellectual Property

Everything there is to know about the role of intellectual property in media and what we can do to protect you

Acquiring and Selling Rights

All media is based on some form of content with an inherent set of rights attached to it. In most major media projects, rights to these ideas and content will need to be bought and sold at some point in the process. When acquiring someone else’s rights or selling your own rights, extreme detail will need to be placed on these contracts so that both parties are satisfied and protected. Often times, the acquired rights are not exploited until years in the future or not at all, so extensive planning and knowledge of the implications of these acquisitions is key to success. If you have questions about rights acquisitions and sales, CONTACT US NOW!


The majority of intellectual property income is derived from liscensing your rights. These agreements need to be drafted with a very keen eye as mistakes can mean the difference in large chunks of revenue. Always consult with a copyright attorney before licensing away any rights in your work!

Termination of Transfer

Generally speaking, American law permits people to make their own deals and be bound by agreements in perpetuity. However, there are certain provisions of copyright law which have the effect of preventing copyright owners from conveying everything that others might be willing or even anxious to acquire. One of these provisions is the “termination of transfers”. This provision has the effect of permitting authors or their lawful heirs to terminate assignments and licenses after a period of time, even if they expressly agreed by contract not to do so. If you wish to pursue the possibility of terminating a transfer of you or your ancestor’s copyright rights, contact us now!

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