Producing and distributing a council or mobile game is a daunting endeavor full of complicated legal considerations. We are here to guide you through all of your video game legal needs

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

The production and distribution of a new video game is hardly ever done by a single person, or even a single company. Too often, after investing time and money into a new game idea, the developer learns that they don’t in fact own the IP for their game. When working with contracted programmers and designers, developers will need to have in place strategically drafted work-for-hire and assignment agreements so that all of their IP stays in their possession.

Furthermore, if a developer is working with a distributor, the distribution agreement needs to be very specifically drafted so that the developer only grants those rights that they desire to grant and no more. Special consideration needs to be given to things like exclusivity, geographic rights, and rights to sequels.

Finally, knowing exactly what aspects of your game can be protected with copyright, patent, and trademark registration is key to your protection. We are here to guide you through this complicated landscape. 

In video game production, IP protection is an ongoing process from filing an intent to use your trademarked name to copyrighting and patenting the final code and design. We have your best interest and are here to help from start to finish. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Navigating Gambling Law Issues

Many popular games today incorporate or replicate casino gambling games or have “mini-games” that have characteristics that can open the developers up to liability under state and federal gambling laws. If your game or a mini-game within your game has the following three elements, you need to contact a video game lawyer for clearance before publishing;

  1. Staking something of value (including digital currency)
  2. For a chance 
  3. To win a prize (digital goods included)

Many developers do not realize until it’s too late that they are breaking gambling laws because, on the surface, their game has nothing to do with gambling. Usually these issues can be taken care of with slight tweaks in your platform and terms of service. Contact us today for a free consultation!

Using Third-Party Content

Many games incorporate copyrighted music and third-party trademarks. Developers will need to get clearances and negotiate licensing. Let us do this on your behalf to ensure reasonable rates. 

Advertising Issues

Many developers have recently faced legal repercussions for the way that they advertise their games. Many game trailers show game features that don’t end up making it into the game or even graphic quality that is far superior to that of the released game. This sort of behavior can cause problems from the FCC as well as disgruntled players if not accompanied by the proper disclosures. Let us always review your advertising plan before launching in order to ensure your protection. 

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