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No matter your medium, you deserve a lawyer knowledgeable in each of the many areas of law that dictate the financing, production, and distribution of media. Look no further than Kerry Law, PLLC.

New technology, methods of distribution, and forms of media have assured that the legal and business landscape surrounding the creation and distribution of media are ever changing. We assure that our clients are one step ahead, protected from liability and all forms of infringement, and ultimately, fully compensated for the licensing and distribution of their work. 

There is no cookie-cutter set of rules to cover all of the industries and medias of art, as each has its own particular rules and nuances. We have dedicated ourselves to knowing these nuances inside and out, and have clients in a wide range of the arts.

You can find more about our industry specific services below but here is an overview of the major tenants of the current entertainment legal landscape that we regularly advise our clients in.

Technology is perpetually expanding the methods and boundaries of distribution. Consequently, content owners are facing new areas of exploitation in conjunction with new risks and dangers. Sleep soundly knowing we are watching your back. 

Technology is continuing to change how your IP is disseminated to the public. With these changes comes an increase in infringement. Let us make sure you are protected from every infringement threat.

Media is being released in a multitude of configurations; songs become plays which become movies, the characters of which become action figures who in turn get their own TV series. Having an attorney knowledgeable in each of these industries is key to monetizing your IP to the fullest.

The combination of new technology and globalization has completely changed how media is funded and monetized.  Digital Recording and streaming have all but made commercials and analogue sales obsolete. Knowledge of the legal nuances behind new funding and monetizing strategies is paramount to your success.

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